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210 Euston Road,



Product used

Morrells clear lacquer (FR)

Total amount spray finished

2500 sqm of stain and lacquer

A bit about 210 Euston Road

Opening its doors to the public, 210 Euston Road is in good company. UCL and the Wellcome Trust are just two of the major hubs of learning nearby, while Google and Facebook are also in this part of London – making TOG part of the vibrant area’s established Knowledge Quarter. The design took its cues from its environment. 

‘We studied the architecture of the buildings in the Knowledge Quarter (the British Museum, Royal College of Physicians and UCL) and tried to disseminate some of these learnings into our design. We wanted the design to reference an institution, without being institutional. One of the hero points of the design references the traditional reading room. To echo this, we created a hidden co-working lounge – a space that cannot be seen from the outside – and its hidden nature lends the feeling [that it is a] privilege to be there. Similarly, institutions of this kind have ample space for public interaction.

At 210 Euston Road, everyone has access to the front half of the building, which hosts a café, a large reception and a residency space. These ideas embody a contemporary institute, providing a space to exchange knowledge and ideas while naturally fostering collaboration,' says Universal Design Studio’s associate directory Carly Sweeney.

The designers aimed for a ‘timeless' interior, and combined oak wood, fine detailing, strategic use of colour and plenty of planting to ensure the space feels comfortable, functional and welcoming – a place users will look forward to returning to.

Our participation

Oct 2021

Nov 2021

Apr 2022

We were approached by a national office fit out company who already had their own spray facilities but were struggling for capacity. Following an initial conversation we produced sample for client approval. 

Following client approval, wall panels were delivered to us in batches, we operated on a one batched off, one collected basis. This aided both our production methods but also allowing the client to free up space in their production area. Initially panels were taken back to the clients, but as we grew in to the project and the clients confidence grew in our ability they began taking panels directly to site,

All panels were installed, relevant product data sheets were shared in line with requests from the fire officer and the project was signed off.

Overall a very happy client.

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